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Cervin says she will not step down

Despite a public outcry from her constituents in District 5, a Texas Education Agency (TEA) Department of School Governance investigation and a censure from her peers, Comal ISD school board trustee, Rose Cervin, holds fast to her seat and said she will not step down.

Cervin, the controversial school board member, spoke with the Times Guardian to share her point of view on the issues surrounding the political cloud that looms over CISD.

In response to her requests for information, Cervin said she sought out that information to be reviewed to try to ascertain areas of strength and weakness in an effort to better the district and student education.

However, Cervin added that she did not ask for the requests all at one time. Her requests were left unanswered and accumulated over time. The result is a backed-up stack of information requests that now has the school board considering whether to hire an assistant to fulfill the solicitations.

Regarding her ethics and protocol standards, TEA found no evidence of any wrong-doing, except for two minor infractions.

After stripping down the allegations and the right to public information, the school board is left only with the recourse to pressure Cervin out of her seat.

There has been much debate as to whether Cervin was acting unethically, but with no evidence to support any breach of the code of ethics in school board policy, TEA's only recommendation to CISD was to revise their policy.

Also, as a result of the investigation, superintendent, Nancy Fuller, issued a press conference where she stated she was embarrassed by the investigation and the minutia of the situation has prompted her to retire.

After a call to the administration office, the Times Guardian was informed that an intent to retire is treated differently than a resignation and does not need board approval. Furthermore, the intent to retire can be recalled also without board approval.

Fuller's announcement to retire came at an unfortunate time for Cervin, as the constituents of district 5 were assembling a public forum at Smithson Valley High School.

At the forum, a crowd of outraged constituents voiced their anger over Cervin's course of action as a board trustee and accused her of having an agenda outside of the interests of the district, the students and the patrons.

Cervin did not attend the forum, nor was she required to, however, her constituents proposed that as a public servant it was in her best interest to attend the forum to at least establish some kind of rapport. Instead, they handed a stack of questions to school board president, Dan Krueger, to deliver to Cervin.

Rapport is exactly what the school board said it needs to move forward, but TEA's recommendation was to establish focus.

In the meantime, Cervin maintains that she has done no wrong.

"All I've done is ask for information," said Cervin. "I have never even received any (information)."

Cervin went on to say that she will not talk negatively about her peers, the superintendent or the district because it will only fuel the fire.

And the fire continues to rage as an agenda item was included in the on the school board's meeting notice that would require Cervin to address the questions from her constituents.

"I just wish we could all work together for the betterment of the children," Cervin said in closing.

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