Voters pick parker over Zamora for commissioner

By John Kastner

Times Guardian Stringer

Republican challenger Greg Parker, the first African American to run for public office for a span of 156-years in Comal County,ousted long-time County Commissioner and life-long resident Cristiana Zamora for a seat on the commission in Precinct 3.

In what was termed as a "down-to-the-wire" election from start to finish, the 34-year-old Parker dwelled on a campaign that would focus on economic development, training and transportation, and when the counting was complete late Tuesday evening, Parker had amassed 2,878 votes to Zamoras' 2,298.

"I'll be the youngest commissioner ever elected and the first Republican ever to be elected from Precinct 3," Parker stated.

"I saw a need in our precinct for new ideas and I know what the issues are and know how to address-them, plus I feel that I have the expertise, drive and energy to get the job done." Parker said.

Zamora who served on the Commission for 12 years, wasted little time to caution," I have learned that working as a team player with the rest of the commissioners, we can accomplish many things in the interest of our community."

"I want to say so long and may God bless this county and bless America and now move on to the next stage of my life," Zamora said.

According to Comal County Republican party chairman Don Menz, voters here in the county broke another record this year as voter turnout came in at 61.5 percent and which includes roughly 40,000 of 65,000 registered voters going to the polls.

"The heated presidential race had record numbers of people turning out all over the county," Henz lamented.

Meanwhile Democratic party chairman Larry Horton pointed out that, "Turnout for Democrats was heavier than normal, but we always have room for improvement."

In another heated issue, county voters approved the freezing property tax issue for seniors and disabled homeowners. According to Elections Coordinator Linnell Hinojosa, 32,269 voters supported the issue while 5,738 voted against it.

Also by a margin of 3 to 1, voters rejected Proposition 2 which would have designated the Comal County fairgrounds as a city park.

Elsewhere, in Comal County Constable, Precinct No 2 race, Republican Kenneth Smith won with 10,252 votes as to write-in Peter Korkez who gained 86.

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith captured the District 21 congressional race by defeating former auditor for the Texas Department of Human Services, Democrat Rhett Smith 115,036 to 72,250 votes.

Comal County voters also made their choice for president with the re-election of George W. Bush over Democrat John Kerry. Bush grabbed 4,495,797 to 2,816,501 for Kerry.

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