Canyon Dam Gates Set at Full Open

As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 30, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers increased the lake release rate to 5000 cubic feet per second. The lake level reached a peak of 927.59 on Monday, November 29.

Last week, the National Weather Service observed several areas of the Guadalupe River downstream of Canyon Lake at or above flood level. For this reason the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District held water from Canyon Lake to prevent further flooding in those areas. The river levels in those areas have since receded.

The current release rate of 5000 cfs is the maximum discharge possible from Canyon Lake dam. The COE plans to continue releasing at or about the current rate until the lake reaches its conservation pool level of 909.

This will take about two to three weeks according to Judy Scott, recreation specialist for Canyon Lake.

"Assuming that there's no significant rainfall, upstream or down stream," said Scott. "We try to get [the excess water] out as soon as we can."

The Fort Worth District COE continues to watch weather conditions and rain fall in areas both upstream and downstream and determines release rates accordingly.

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