County getting four more years with Scheel

by Crystal Gottfried, Staff Writer

Early voting results that put incumbent Danny Scheel in the lead in the race for Comal County Judge maintained momentum as the night and the counting continued.

Scheel was the clear winner with 6,505 votes; 69 percent of 9,484 ballots cast in the three way race with political newcomers Peter Garcia and Glen Jackson.

Garcia received 17 percent or 1,627 votes; with Jackson receiving 14 percent or 1,352 votes.

Scheel talked with the Times Guardian after the election results were finalized last Tuesday evening. He and his wife, Dana Scheel, were out putting up "thank you" signs on his campaign posters.

"I'm overwhelmed with the number of votes that I received to win this election," Scheel said. I am very pleased that the people of Comal County recognized the effort that I've made over the last seven years, and I thank them for allowing me the opportunity to continue to serve them as County Judge."

During his campaign, Scheel promised voters "more of the same." He talked about the tremendous growth in Comal County as his greatest challenge.

"The Comal County population was 78,000 in 2000 and now it has risen to about 100,000," he said. "Our projections show that the population will continue to increase to about 144,000 people by 2010. That requires preparation and it requires additional law enforcement, additional courts, and additional space. It's a lot easier to prepare for those people than to try to catch up after they get here."

Scheel's plans for the future are to continue to prepare for that growth.

"I plan to continue working on the county's infrastructure, the county courthouse renovations and dam control," he said. "But my number one priority will be to help defeat the rollback effort. This great victory shows me that the voters have faith in me. The rollback would be detrimental to our county."

"I also plan to continue working on setting aside some naturals areas of the county for conservation districts and natural habitats," he added.

Scheel is very thankful to the voters who trusted his track record, and is looking forward to the opportunity to work for the county for the next four years.

"The people have shown me that they know what I can do for the county and what I will do," he said. "I appreciate their support."

Running against Scheel was newcomer Peter Garcia.

"I want to thank the folks that worked with me and tried to get me elected," he said after the election. I appreciate their efforts and it's a shame that we didn't get our message across to the voters."

Garcia's plans for the future are to continue with his education.

"I learned quite a bit from this experience, he said. "I thought that someone needed to run because of poor management at Commissioner Court and I find the excessive taxing to be ridicules. It was a last minute decision to run for county judge, and I went as far as my money would go to get the message out to the voters."

Garcia's campaigned that "a change was in order." He disparaged Scheel's track-record on county management issues and promised voters a change for the better.

Glenn Jackson could not be reached for comment.

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