Millikin re-elected in Precinct 2

by Crystal Gottfried, Staff Writer

In the race for Precinct #2 Commissioner, incumbent Jay Millikin took the lead over Charles Cantu with 71 percent of the early votes.

By the end of the evening, the final tally showed Millikin the winner with 1,893 votes. Cantu received 859 votes.

Millikin stayed at the Commissioner Courthouse until election results were finalized.

"I'm elated to be selected to be part of this positive, progressive Comal County management team," said Millikin by phone interview. "We've got a great team now at Commissioner's Court to meet the challenges that the county faces. The growth continues unabated in our county and it takes a progressive management team to stay ahead of that and to work with the Texas legislature to help us get the additional management tools to meet the challenges of subdivision growth."

Millikin is referring to the impact that subdivisions are having on the cities of Bulverde and Garden Ridge.

"The unincorporated areas are seeing more growth than in the cities," he said. "The Texas legislature needs to give us the tools that we need to manage these subdivisions properly. They still think that our unincorporated areas are farms and ranches."

Millikin's plans for the future are to educate the public on the budget issues regarding the rollback.

"The public will vote as they see fit," he said. "I plan to work with the other commissioners to make sure that people understand the budget increases that affected the 2006 budget."

"Take gasoline for example ­ the increased costs to the county are tremendous, especially when you consider that half of our employees, Sheriff's Deputies, Constables, and road department crew, are in vehicles and on the road," he said.

Charles Cantu ran against Millikin for the Precinct #2 Commissioner seat receiving 31 percent of the votes. Cantu ran against Millikin for the post four years ago and lost by nearly the same margin.

"I enjoyed being a candidate and working with the people in Comal County," Cantu said in the telephone interview after the election. "I still believe that I would have been the better candidate, but the voters want someone different at this time and I respect that; so all I have to say now is let's go fishing."

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