Public forum will examine both sides of rollback issue

The League of Women Voters-Comal Area will sponsor a forum on the county tax rollback question featuring speakers both for and against the rollback.

The forum will be presented at the GVTC Auditorium on Monday, April 17 at 7 p.m.

Precinct #2 Commissioner Jay Millikin will represent Comal County's perspective against the rollback. Doug Kirk will not be able to speak, although he has assured the League that he will get someone to represent the pro-rollback perspective.

The League is known for its thorough, objective presentation of civic issues.

The format for the forum will be to have the spokespersons from both sides present their views in a 5-minute introduction. Then questions from the audience will be taken.

Questions from audience members are submitted on 3 x 5 cards prior to or during the forum.

The League does not allow questions that include personal attacks or questions that only one side can answer. Every question will be answered on an alternating basis by both sides of the issue.

At the end of the question and answer period, each spokesperson will be able to summarize his position in a 3-minute closing.

Here is another opportunity for taxpayers and citizens to learn more about the issues surrounding the tax rollback election that is scheduled for May 13.

For more information concerning the forum, please contact Bonnie Leitch (at 830) 660-2335.

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