Newly converted pregnancy center
to give free sonograms

by Crystal Gottfried

The newly converted New Braunfels Crisis Pregnancy Center will give free sonograms to expectant mothers next week while the organization makes the transition from a volunteer-staffed advice center to a complete medical clinic.

Grand Opening ceremonies for the $60,000 converted facility are planned for Sept 11, but the center’s two registered nurses are completing their training with the new ultrasound machine and must complete two weeks of practice sessions said Executive Director Barbara Bowden.

Bowden explained that the new medical clinic, the use of the sonogram machine, and this introductory demonstration will allow the center to serve it clientele of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

Board members and the community committed to the changes at the center nearly one year ago and received a grant from Focus on the Family, which paid for 80 percent of the ultrasound machine.

Bowden said that when women see their unborn child for the first time, 80 to 90 percent of “abortion-vulnerable” clients will chose life.

“Seeing the sonogram helps them make an informed choice,” she said.
Until August 24, the clinic will offer free sonograms to women who are six to 20 weeks pregnant. The sessions will be monitored by an ultrasound technician and mothers will receive a free sonogram picture of their baby.


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