Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center

by Crystal Gottfried

Meet Lisa Laubach, owner of Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center.

Lisa has been an accomplished, award-winning artist since she was a youngster, growing up in El Paso. She has also owned an art gallery, and is fascinated by other peoples’ artistic talents.

As visitors enter Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center, they are greeted with incredibly beautiful artwork and sculptures designed and arranged to create a relaxing atmosphere. Soy candles emit a variety of aromatherapy smells and herbal teas with honey are served to clients as part of the soothing environment dedicated to relaxation, spiritual and emotional balance, and to foster general health for clients everyday.

“We recognize that the rhythm and balance of life is a unique combination within each person,” said Lisa. “We will engage your five senses with the vision of the art gallery, the aromas of the spa, the sounds of the music in the background, the taste of herbal teas and the touch of the many treatments we offer for a journey that will transport you to a place of quiet rhythm where your tensions and stress will melt away.”

All massage therapists at Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center are licensed and certified by the state of Texas and are all constantly updating their education in this field.

This soothing retreat boasts three suites for spa treatments: massage therapy, facials, “thirty-minute lunch-break” massage, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy with relaxation and reflexology, as well as facial-like treatments for the back.

“Reflexology uses pressure-points on the hands, feet, ears, scalp and face that correspond to other parts of the body,” said Lisa. “And we have a Reiki master to help spiritual people who want to work on their ‘energy’ through the Japanese techniques for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing through ‘life-force energy flow’ which helps alleviate depressed or low feelings after an illness or injury.”

Lisa began using the healing arts of massage and herbal therapies when her 13-year-old daughter was born with cerebral palsy.

“We couldn’t afford all the therapies that she needed at home, and we found that massage therapy was the one treatment that she benefited from the most,” she said. “We found that the Swedish massage, where the muscles are manipulated to be helpful for stiffness, and reflexology treatments helped stimulate the nerve endings and are the equivalent of a full-body massage.”
At Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center, the therapists are each inspired by their clients’ individual needs.

“We are incorporating ancient therapeutic rituals that we have gathered from Europe, India, Asia and Native Americans to address these needs,” said Lisa. “We invite you to surrender your time to us. We will share our knowledge, provide an in-depth consultation, and develop a sequence of therapies and programs to suit your specific, long-term and immediate healing needs. We also offer various spa packages that allow you to truly pamper yourself and are a delightful addition to proms, weddings and other festive occasions.”

Open since August 1, Mona Lisa’s Healing Art Center is located at 989 Loop 337 at River Crest Drive on the corner of Loop 337 and Common in New Braunfels, near Noni’s Chinese Restaurant and Terry’s Beauty Shop and Treasures.

Remember too that Mona Lisa’ Art Gallery is a reliable source for art including established and emerging artists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

“Our goal is to consistently deliver art works of creative and talented craftsmanship for both interior and exterior hospitality, public, business and private environments,” said Lisa. “The gallery collection is a great source for gift giving for all occasions, with very reasonable pricing, and we are always looking to include the work of local artists in our gallery.”

For more information or to make an appointment, please call Lisa Laubach at 830-626-8511.

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