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Hill Country Chiropractic Clinic plans Wellness Forum on Acupuncture

By Crystal Gottfried
Staff Writer

Hill Country Chiropractic Clinic announces their first-ever Wellness Forum at Canyon Lake.

If you’ve ever wondered about chiropractic treatment options, this program developed by Dr. Corey Fabling and Dr. Sandee Fabling will open the door toward providing the information you need about chiropractic services that could help you become pain free.

The first Wellness Forum is scheduled for Thursday, May 24, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Hill country Chiropractic Clinic, 1742 FM 2673 in Sattler.

“We want to offer an open forum for people to explore and learn about new forms of integrated healthcare and products that enhance our health states,” said Dr. Sandee Fabling. “My son, Dr. Corey Fabling, came up with this type of venue, and I love it! Each month we will have a different Wellness Forum, with presentations by leading experts on various subjects related to wellness, followed by discussions and perhaps some demonstrations.”

At the first Wellness Forum, the clinic will feature Sachiko Tachibana as the guest speaker. She will answer your questions about Acupuncture and Chinese medicines.

“Sachiko will be seeing patients at our clinic as soon as her immigration status is properly processed,” said Dr. Sandee, “and we are very excited about her practice at our clinic.”

If you have questions about the benefits of Acupuncture, you will enjoy the forum on May 24.

Hill Country Chiropractic Clinic will be offering coupons to encourage folks to try acupuncture.

Each month, for the next several months, Dr. Sandee and Dr. Corey will have another expert speaker available at the forum to discuss various topics with guests.

“We are so fortunate here at Canyon Lake because we have such a variety of talented people,” said Dr. Sandee. “We are so close to San Antonio and Austin, I plan to get health and wellness leaders and expert medical presenters from all over this area to be our Wellness speakers.”

Dr. Corey and Dr. Sandee are already making plans for future forums.

“We are planning a Forum on Massage and Deep Tissue work and how this can help you,” said Dr. Sandee.  “We have talked to a Life Coach, an expert on Lyme disease, depression, and sleep problems. We think the possibilities for learning are endless.”

Hill County Chiropractic Clinic already offers several safe and effective therapies; for back problems related to bulging or herniated discs, a particular therapy designed around using the spinal decompression table can really help diminish the pain from a recent injury and greatly improve a disc injury that has been around for a while.

Along with the gentle stretching and relaxing of the spine, this therapy fosters a nutritional phenomenon for the disc which is called imbibition. The pumping action promotes nutrition intake and hydration into the discs that may have been lost in damaged and degenerated disc conditions.

Although most patients report dramatic reduction of their pain within a few treatments using the decompression table technique, an injured spinal disc needs time to heal.

Since research shows that some discs can take months to heal, it is so important to stay on the treatment plan even though the pain may be gone. Many patients need a regular program of home exercises prescribed by the doctor in order to heal properly and completely.

Dr. Corey and Dr. Sandee are particularly motivated to improve their clients’ health and wellness.

“For our patients with chronic or recent pain, becoming more mobile and able to return to a normal lifestyle of regular activity is our hope,” said Dr. Corey. “Regular activity is a part of ‘wellness’ that most experts agree is generally required for good spinal health and vitality.”

To learn more about the Hill Country Chiropractic Clinic Wellness Forum on Acupuncture and Chinese medicines, please plan to join Dr. Sandee Fabling, Dr. Corey Fabling, and Sachiko Tachibana on Thursday, May 24, from 7:00p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the clinic, located on the corner of FM 2673 and South Access Road, in Sattler.

For more information, please call 830-964-3032; you’ll be making the right move toward better health.



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