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Rare moth sighted

By Crystal Gottfried

Luna moths are one of the most unusual and beautiful of the North American moths known as Saturnidae. On a special day in Sattler recently, one of the moths was photographed “peeking” in the window at the Justice of the Peace office.

They are well known for their green-yellow colors and long tails, and although they are often seen in pictures, they are a real surprise when found in nature.

This bright green moth with long tails is one of the largest moths in North American and is a real surprise when observed in south Texas since they normally reside in the eastern U.S.

Their night flying habits and short, week-long life span as an adult moth, make them a rare find.

The luna moth has a wingspan of 4.5-5.0 inches.

Luna moth caterpillars eat many kinds of tree leaves depending on where they live, and most adults, after emerging from their cocoon, fly from early June to early July. In southern states, the larvae like to eat the leaves of the persimmon tree.

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