Some Federal Stipulations Governing Commercial Vehicles

Truckers play an essential role in the transport and commercial world. The business of trucking is very lucrative but with the much coveted gains of indulging in the business, comes heavy responsibilities. Truck drivers and truck owners alike have to be keen to abide by all traffic rules. Additionally, they also have to follow particular state and federal laws designed specifically for trucking stake holders. The laws, categorized as commercial vehicle laws, are meant to control traffic and penalize criminal violations. Both truck owners and Houston truck drivers have to abide by the rules so as to make conflict easier to solve when accidents occur leading to motorist and pedestrian deaths as well as the destruction of property caused by Houston truck accidents. In such cases, complicated issues arise regarding who among truck drivers, truck owners, and other third parties may be charged with the responsibility of paying for the damages.

Some of the state and federal laws that govern truck transportation may not appear in regular traffic rules. Such laws stipulate the roles that truck owners and truck drivers play in ensuring safety on the road for everyone with whom they share the road. Such laws cover issues involving;

• Who is responsible for inspecting vehicles for compliance before the start of trips,
• How long trips should be,
• How often drivers should take trips of specified distance,
• Qualification of truck drivers,
• Time limits set for trips of specified distance,
• How cargo should be packed and who should inspect for compliance?

Laws Governing Commercial Vehicles in Texas

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) laws make Texas roads safe thanks to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service (CVE). The enforcement service has been vigilant enough to reduce trucking accidents on Texas roads for a long while. The CVE, in its enforcement endeavors, weighs commercial vehicles to ensure that trucks remain compliant because overloading may cause trucks to damage roads and to lose control. It also ensures that truck ferrying hazardous materials package them as per the regulations.

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