'Canyon Lake' holds thin lead over 'Sorrell Creek' for name

CISD School board to make

final decision


By Richard Zowie

Times Guardian Staff Writer


The jury's still out on the new high school's recommended name, but if the Comal Independent School District goes on the recommendations of the Name the New High School Committee, the mascot of the new high school could be the Hawks while the school colors could be hunter green and old gold.

At press time (noon, June 22), nine committee members had voted to recommend Canyon Lake as the high school's name while six had voted to recommend Sorrell Creek. Attempts to contact the four other committee members weren't yet successful.

The 11 members of the 19-member committee met June 21 at the GVTC auditorium to come up with the name, mascot and color scheme to recommend to the school board. Once all the recommendations were decided upon, the committee presented them to the CISD School Board June 22 after the June 23 issue of the Times Guardian went to press.

In the votes cast both at Comal schools and on the Internet, Canyon Lake received 1,228 votes while North Lake finished 26 votes behind at 1,202. Sorrell Creek, a favorite of many due to its historical significance, finished third at 1,056 overall votes. After much debate, which focused on those who felt Canyon Lake best identified the school and those who felt Canyon Lake could easily be confused with New Braunfels-Canyon, seven committee members voted to recommend Canyon Lake while four voted to recommend Sorrell Creek. The committee then presented, to the board, Canyon Lake as its first recommendation and Sorrell Creek as its second.

Since it received no votes by the community amid concerns its name would alienate communities south of the lake, North Lake received no votes for recommendation.

During the debate, the committee laid out the pros and cons of the top three vote-getting names:

Canyon Lake pros: It's where the school will be, it clearly identifies the community, everyone knows where it is, it encompasses all the towns, it received the most votes, it could add credibility to New Braunfels Canyon as a sister school.

Canyon Lake cons: It could easily be confused with New Braunfels Canyon, it's not at Canyon Lake but instead north of the lake in Fischer.

Sorrell Creek pros: Has the historical significance of a former school located inside what is currently Canyon Lake, has a uniqueness to it as a name; since "Sorrell" is a type of horse, it could go well with the name "Sorrell Creek Mustangs," and many schools use locations to name themselves.

Sorrell Creek cons: The spelling could be confusing, the location could be confusing to those not familiar with the area's history.

North Lake pros: It's on the north side of the lake.

North Lake cons: It could divide the community, could alienate the communities south of the lake and could cause confusion as to whether it's New Braunfels-North Lake or Canyon Lake-North Lake.


Nancy Cobb, the committee facilitator, also read a letter from a resident who suggested the name Ronald Reagan High School in memory of the recently-deceased 40th President of the United States.

For mascots, the committee voted unanimously to recommend Hawks-the voters' overwhelming choice: the Hawk received 1,475 overall votes with Longhorn finishing a distant second at 858. Despite concerns that the Hawk is a predatory bird, committee members decided to go with the name since hawks are often seen around the lake.

The potential color scheme would be a break from the blue color schemes of Smithson Valley and New Braunfels and the red of New Braunfels Canyon. The committee decided against recommending blue, feeling it was already well represented in the district and that a different color was needed.

After an initial color scheme of black and gold was not agreed upon amid concerns that black athletic and band uniforms don't bide well in the Texas heat, the committee chose go to with green and gold (eight of the eleven committee members voted for the scheme). One member suggested a turquoise green but others felt a darker green would be better, hence the hunter green.

While the dark green and gold color scheme is what will be recommended to the board, several committee members mentioned an interest in suggesting black and silver as accent colors.

Other colors suggested were blue, silver, maroon and crimson.

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