GBRA clarification of positions on Canyon Lake water

· In the June 2 Times Guardian news article about Friends of Canyon Lake's lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers, it was reported that the Western Canyon Project would reduce usage of wells that draw from the Edwards Aquifer. The primary well that groundwater supplies come from in Comal and Kendall Counties is the Trinity Aquifer.

· Regarding concerns about the three water intake structures and how they would allegedly siphon off the lake's oxygenated water, Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority general manager Bill West released the following statement:

"It's been very frustrating to see the misinformation and scare tactics put out about the need for the three intake structures that will be part of the pump station design for the Western Canyon Treated Water Supply Project. A recent published statement said that the intakes were placed at various elevations so that 'GBRA can siphon off the best oxygenated water.' This is absolutely not true!

"There is a very simple reason we need intake structures at different elevations: these structures are there in order to meet specific requirements spelled out in the Texas Water Code."

According to West, all water supply reservoirs must be designed to supply water during the Drought of Record. For Canyon Reservoir, this is the seven-year drought that occurred in the 1950's. "The legislators who wrote the Texas Water Code understood that intake structures must be located to supply water to people and communities no matter how low a reservoir's elevation may go in a drought," said West. "So, they spelled out in Rule 290.41, (e) (2) that 'intakes shall be located and constructed in a manner which will secure raw water of the best quality available from the source.' But, then they went even further and added subparagraph (E), which says: 'Intakes shall be located and constructed in a manner which will allow raw water to be taken from a variety of depths and which will permit withdrawal of water when reservoir levels are very low.'"

West added: "The multiple intake design was not an option for GBRA-it was a requirement. If there was only one intake at the top of the conservation pool, how in the world would we get water to desperate people and communities at the end of a drought? Canyon Reservoir joins a number of other water supply reservoirs in Texas with multiple intakes, including Lake Meredith - 5, Stillhouse Hollow - 2, Lake Georgetown - 5, Lake Jacksboro - 4, and Lake Texana - 3."

* Also, the Guadalupe River serves as a border between Calhoun and Refugio Counties as he flows into the San Antonio Bay.

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