CLWSC releases water availability report


By Richard Zowie

Times Guardian Staff Writer


The Comal County Commissioner's Court approved a water availability report submitted by the Canyon Lake Water Supply Corporation at the court's June 3 meeting.

The Hogan Corporation, a civil engineering consultant firm, worked with CLWSC on the figures.

CLWSC's report included projected figures for groundwater supply in Canyon Lake in 10 and 20-year increments.

The projected average daily demand, in terms of acreage feet per year, is 4,258 for 2004, 4,505 for 2014 and 5,501 for 2024. The existing surface water rights will remain at 4,000 acreage feet per year for 2004, 2014 and 2024.

The net groundwater supply requirement is 258 acreage feet per year in 2004, 505 in 2014 and 1,501 in 2024.

The percentage of existing active well capacity is 17 percent for 2004, 32 percent for 2014 and 96 percent for 2024. The percentage of existing total well capacity is eight percent for 2004, 16 percent for 2014 and 49 percent for 2024.

The current active well capacity is 1,557 acreage feet and the current standby capacity is 1,537 acreage feet.

The court also approved revisions for the county subdivision rules and regulations and adopted a major thoroughfare plan. Among the revisions were the requirement for a right-of-way whenever a subdivision in the county affects a road within the county or state. The right-of-way would be in compliance with the Comal County Major Thoroughfare Plan; any modifications made by the developer on existing county roads would have to receive prior approval from the court.


Other business of the court in the session included:


· Approval of an agreement between Comal County and Liberty Marketing Company for county maps.

· Approval of members appointed to the 2004 Comal County Salary Grievance Committee.

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