Suspect shot at local boat storage facility

'Suspicious person' showed shotgun when asked to identify himself

By Richard Zowie

Times Guardian Staff Writer

A man who pointed a shotgun at a police officer when asked to identify himself is in San Antonio's University Hospital after being wounded by the officer in a July 6 altercation at Tom Creek Boat Storage.

The sheriff's office has at press time declined to identify both suspect and police officer involved until an investigation is completed.

At about 7:47 a.m., the sheriff's office received a call from the property owner about a "suspicious person" at the boat storages facilities, said sheriff's office spokesman Lt. Mark Reynolds. One of the officers responded and went to the scene and saw the suspect walking away.

Lieutenant Reynolds said that when the suspect was asked to show a form of identification, he went to the left of the building to his vehicle-an out-of-state, older-model truck-and produced a single barrel 12-gauge shotgun and pointed it at the officer.

The officer then fired five to six times, Lieutenant Reynolds said. The suspect didn't get off any shots at the officer. The lieutenant said he didn't know how many times the suspect had been shot.

The suspect was then air lifted to University Hospital.

The sheriff's office is investigating the situation to see whether or not it was a burglary. They have recovered the weapon and are processing it as evidence.

Lieutenant Reynolds said the officer involved was then taken to the sheriff's office, where he gave a statement and was debriefed. He'll be on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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