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We offer two weekly publications, the Times Guardian and The Advisor -- and our Web site, as well as a number of special publications, such as the 2007 Relocation & Visitor Guides (published once a year, also includes the Canyon Lake Chamber Directory).

To the right is an explanation of how to advertise in the Times Guardian and The Advisor. Please call our office at (830) 907-3882 for information on the other publications.

The Times Guardian has a paid circulation of about 3,000. The circulation for The Advisor, which is direct-mailed free to homes at Canyon Lake, as well as throughout central, and western Comal County, is 16,000. Both publications are distributed on Wednesdays.

Retail advertising deadline is noon on Friday.

Classified deadline is 3 p.m. Friday. Holiday deadlines may vary.




(Effective Aug. 2007)

Retail advertising rates:

What are retail ads?

These ads run in the "front" section of the newspaper and are primarily used by businesses and organizations to advertise sales specials, new services and major fundraising events--or just to get or keep their name and services in public view. Classified ads run in the back, in a classified section (see below).

How are retail ads measured?

Ads are measured in column inches by multiplying the width (number of columns wide) by the height (inches tall).

Column widths: One column is 1.833 inches wide; two columns total 3.792 inches wide; three columns are 5.75 wide; and an ad that is six columns wide measures 11.625 inches.

What size ad can you build?

We can build any size ad you need, from a 2 col. by 2 inch ad, which is about the size of a business card, to a full page. Here are some sample ad sizes and prices*:

2 col. x 2 in. Ad: $33.00 (per week)

2 col. x 3 in. Ad: $49.50

2 col. x 4 in. Ad: $66.00

2 col. x 5 in. Ad: $82.50

2 col. x 7 in. Ad: $115.50

3 col. x 5 in. Ad (1/8 page): $123.75

3 col. x 8 in. Ad: $198.00

3 col. x 10.5 in. Ad: $259.88

6 col. x 10.5 in. Ad: $519.75

6 col. x 21 in. Ad: $1,039.50

* Prices are for one-time insertion in either the Times Guardian or The Advisor. Color is also available upon request for an additional charge. Call for pricing.


The national rate for advertising is $8.34 per column inch.

Classified Advertising Rates:

(These ads run in the "back" section of the newspaper and are primarily used by individuals to advertise garage sales, miscellaneous items for sale, help wanted, property for rent or sale, automobiles and services. This is also the section where legal ads run.)


up to 12 words $10.00 per week

13-18 words $12.00

19-24 words $14.00

25-30 words $16.00

31-34 words $18.00

35-41 words $20.00

Add $2 for each additional 5 words. Prices include the Times Guardian, The Advisor, and inclusion on our Web site Classifieds page every Wednesday.


(Priced by the column-inch, classified display ads feature a border around the text.)

1 col. x 1 in. $15.00 per week

1 col. x 2 in. (Or 2 col. x 1 in.) $30.00

2 col. x 2 in. (Or 1 col. x 4 in.) $60.00

Prices include the Times Guardian and The Advisor.


These ad sizes are a representation of the most common sizes requested.

We also accept Preprinted Inserts for a cost of $65 per thousand.

We can accommodate every advertising budget! Please call (830) 907-3882 and speak to an advertising representative for more information.

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