Submitting your
items for publication

We love e-mail! Whenever possible, please submit your text and photos via e-mail. Copy and paste the text into the message field as opposed to attaching it as a file. Attach photos as .JPEG/.JPG files with at least 170 DPI.

If e-mail is not an option but you have a computer, please consider copying the text (especially anything over 300 words) onto a floppy disk and bringing it by our office. You can also drop off, mail or fax your articles to us.

When to submit your items:

Our deadline is noon Thursday for the following week's newspaper. You might want to get items for the Events Calendar in sooner, as we publish them in our Welcome Guides several months ahead of time. Remember, all items are subject to being held over until space is available, and to editing as needed for space and content.


1. Events Calendar
The Events Calendar is limited to events that are open to the public and are of general interest to the community. Generally, we do not list monthly club meetings in the Events Calendar. We do list festivals, fundraisers (such as fish fries and craft fairs), art shows, entertainment, book/CD signings, etc. Think "fun" as well as informative.

2. Club Calendar
On the average of once every four to six weeks, we try to run a complete "Clip and Save" calendar of club and military organization meetings. These listings do not include specific speakers or topics, just general "who is meeting when and where, plus phone number for more information." Be sure to let us know anytime you have a change in meeting time, date or place so we can make the change in our Club Calendar file.

3. Club Notes
As space is available, we are happy to publish club notes - reports submitted by local clubs. Please limit club notes to 300 words. As always, we reserve the right to edit submissions for space and content. Put the name of the person who submitted the article at the end (submitted by...) and include a phone number and contact (not to be published) that we can call in case we have questions.

4. News Briefs
Usually news briefs announce special speakers or events. Limit news briefs to two or three paragraphs (100 words or less). They are just that - brief.

5. News Articles
When you have a more to say than what will fit in a news brief, you are welcome to submit a news article. News articles generally have a timely aspect (news about something that has just happened or is going to happen). Please limit articles to 500 words (the shorter, the better). Photos may also be submitted (see number 8 Photos below for tips).

6. Feature Articles
Feature articles are news and more. They generally highlight persons who have done something extraordinary, or at least interesting. Accompanying photos are almost a must for feature articles. Generally, feature articles are 300 to 800 words.

7. Letters to the Editor
Many times organizations want to thank the community or businesses/people in the community for support. We often publish these as letters to the editor, provided they meet the criteria of 300 words or less and include the writer's name, community and a phone number (not for publication) that we can call if we have questions. All letters to the editor are subject to approval by the publisher.

8. Guest Columns
Longer than letters to the editor, guest columns are written in first person and can address local issue(s) or simply be entertaining (human interest approach). They are generally 300 to 600 words. Include the writer's name, community and a phone number (not for publication) that we can call if we have questions. Also, at the end of the column identify the writer with a sentence or two (and, if possible, relate it to the topic of the column). For example, an article about the importance of controlling the local pet population submitted by a veterinarian might read:
Smith is a veterinarian with 15 years experience in the field. She works and lives at Canyon Lake and frequently volunteers at the local animal shelter.

9. Photos
Photos are always welcome and will, as will all submissions, be published on a space-available basis. We accept photos three ways: as prints that can be mailed or dropped off; as digital images that can be e-mailed as .JPG files; or as digital files on disks that can be dropped off.

The best photos are those with some action, with something happening. Watch the lighting, the background and the expressions.

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